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Review: Red Dead Redemption 2 (PS4)

Posted on January 11, 2019

Red Dead Redemption 2 is less of a game and more of a cultural event. You may have seen ads on buses and billboards: this is still rare enough to suggest a really major release. Almost every one of my gaming friends was hanging off this release and talking about it for weeks - so there is a good chance you know someone who has played this game, a lot. The publisher is largely responsible for this: Rockstar are well-known for the Grand Theft ...

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7 Reasons Fortnite Is So Popular

If you know any younger gamers at all, you would have heard of Fortnite: Battle Royale - it is absolutely the most popular game across the board right now, and I never stop hearing kids talk about it. Unfortunately it doesn't quite work in the Game Truck at the moment, and it may not be for players of all ages, but it has enormous appeal. Like Minecraft, it is more than just a game - it is a cultural phenomenon, but there are some specific ...

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Ask a Gamer 15: Is Fortnite OK for my 10-year old?

Q: My son is 10 years old and has been asking repeatedly to play Fortnite - is it appropriate for him? A: Well, this is a great question, because even though Fortnite is not available in Game Truck parties for a number of reasons, it is one of the hottest games around right now especially among tweens and teens. This might be partly to do with the enormous streaming culture of Fortnite: for example, one streamer has had Drake appear on his ...

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Fortnite for a Game Truck party?

At the moment the single most common question I get on having Game Truck parties is, 'can we play Fortnite?' Fortnite (especially its iconic Battle Royale mode) is definitely the hottest game out at the moment, and we'll review it soon to explore why this is the case. But when it comes to playing it in the Game Truck, unfortunately the answer is no, and there a couple of good reasons for this - but we do have other equally awesome options! ...

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Review: God of War (PS4)

Posted on April 23, 2018

We don't usually publish reviews on brand-new games, but I couldn't help myself here. God of War was released just last Saturday and unusually for me I picked it up straight away. Why the urgency, you ask? Vikings. Contrary to appearances, God of War actually isn't a new franchise: like Tomb Raider and Doom and Wolfenstein before it, it's a reboot that has decided to reclaim the original title. ...

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Preview: Sea of Thieves (Xbox One)

Last weekend I had the great good fortune to be a part of the Sea of Thieves beta test, and got the opportunity to play a limited version of the game for free. Sea of Thieves is a first person action/adventure game in which you are a pirate, seeking a fortune so that you can buy some snazzy clothes. Or something. Not quite sure what the object of this game is besides amass loot & spend loot on clothes. Barbie for salty sea-dogs? It was the ...

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Life After Minecraft: 5 games for the fading Minecraft fan

Although Minecraft might still be new to some of us, it does have 100 million copies in the wild, having sold over 50,000 copies per day in 2016. Even so, individual gamers do eventually lose the love for Minecraft. Often they get to the age of 12 or 13 and it feels a little bit kiddy - they want something bit more grownup and exciting (even if they rediscover the love in their late teens or 20s). Or even with Minecraft's infinite creativity, ...

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Review: Minecraft (Xbox One)

Sure, Minecraft has been around since 2011, but it's never too late for a good review, right? In particular, lots of customers and friends of Game Truck Australia are still asking about Minecraft - what is and how it works, and we are well positioned to help contribute to that conversation. Furthermore, lots of changes have happened to Minecraft since its first release, and we can also talk about how it works in Game Truck party. https://...

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Review: Rocket League (Xbox One)

Not unlike Trials Fusion, Rocket League is a bit of a sleeper hit in the Game Truck. It seemed to come out of nowhere, and despite its huge popularity it has the feel of of an indie hit that has got the right recognition. It is very popular with boys at about 10-11 years of age: at this age they are starting to grow out of Minecraft a bit and are looking for the next cool thing to play with their friends, and Rocket League definitely delivers...

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Pro-Social Gaming For the Win!

This is going to sound like I'm just talking about Overwatch again, but this time it goes to the very heart of what Game Truck Australia is all about. The Overwatch League may be only in its infancy, but it attracted over 10 million viewers in its first week and has already sparked some controversy. Last week xQc, a fan favourite from Dallas Fuel, was suspended by the League for four games and fined $2000 for homophobic remarks made on his ...

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