Party Hire

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: with our sincere apologies we need to announce that due to circumstances out of our control, Game Truck Australia is no longer in operation. Apologies for any inconvenience to current or prospective clients. Thanks for understanding.


Don’t want the hassle of organising activities and cleaning up after a kids’ party? Why have a bouncing castle for a whole day when it only gets used for an hour? Have your kids grown out of visiting magicians and fairies? Game Truck Australia brings a unique party games hire experience to your door for kids of all ages (even parents!), where party-goers have the ultimate gaming experience shared with friends in a positive, exciting environment.

Inside the truck has four 50-inch screens with seating for up to 16 player at once

What we offer

Birthday parties (Adelaide and SA only)

The premium party package is designed to take all the hassle of organising party activities out of your hands. With a simple phone-call or contact form you get:

  • The whole invitation and RSVP process managed by Game Truck Australia
  • The all-weather game truck for up to 16 players at once, brought to you**
  • An expert Game Coach to ensure everyone has a great time
  • A ‘loot bag’ for all attendees

The truck has doors at the front and rear and safe passenger access from the kerbside

Educational gaming package

Gaming is not always just fun and games –serious learning can occur with the right games, in the right context. Research indicates that video games have incredible potential to facilitate learning in possibly the most exciting and enjoyable ways. Games like Minecraft (‘digital Lego’) and Project Spark (a platform for creating games) help to build creativity through the construction of a completely original idea or concept. Combined with well-facilitated group work, Game Truck Australia can bring design-based collaborative learning to your home, school, or OHSC/Vacation Care venue.

Flexible packages

If you have needs that aren’t covered in the packages above, talk to us and we can work out a package to suit your corporate, adult, or other event.

Up to 16 players at once are fully supervised and coached to ensure everyone has a great time