About Us

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: with our sincere apologies we need to announce that due to circumstances out of our control, Game Truck Australia is no longer in operation. Apologies for any inconvenience to current or prospective clients. Thanks for understanding.


Game Truck Australia offers Adelaide’s most awesome video game party experience, and it is available throughout the Adelaide metropolitan area and some more distant locations.

Game Truck Australia is committed to ensuring that partygoers have a positive, safe experience at all times. Booking involves discussing party attendees to ensure that game choices are age-appropriate and suit the preferences of party hosts. The gaming consoles are not connected to the internet (i.e. they run through a local area network, or LAN), and so all multiplayer gaming is only amongst partygoers present in the truck.

The Golden Rule in the truck is that everyone has fun

The Golden Rule in the truck is that everyone has fun

We ensure that all multiplayer gameplay involves healthy competition or is cooperative in nature, and that all players have sufficient or comparable skills to have fun playing with others. If ages or skill levels are uneven, we can provide instruction and ensure that players are grouped together appropriately. We build into the party sufficient breaks from gaming, and health and hygiene considerations are a top priority. All Game Coaches have a current national Police Check and have attended Mandatory Notification and Basic First Aid training, and are experts in the games themselves.