Party Games for Kids: Finding the Perfect World

Party Games for Kids: Finding the Perfect World

If you’ve ever attended a party at someone’s house or in a public place, you’ve no doubt either played party games or at least seen them used. Party games have been around for much longer than we realize and, although the “games” part has gotten a bit of a label, there are several different types of party games and many different party games ideas that have evolved along the way. Today, many people choose party games for their birthday party to keep their guests entertained, but also to have something really fun and creative to do at the party. Whether you choose to play games like “pin the tail on the donkey” or “pass out darts” or you opt for “musical chairs,” you’ll find that most of today’s party games can be used or adapted for almost any party theme.

Popular Ideas

  • As you may know, party games at birthday parties have been around for decades and some of the most popular ones include (but are not limited to) “pin the tail on the donkey” and “pass out cans of soda.” In fact, according to a little research, the origin of “pin the tail on the donkey” is probably traced back to the Middle East where it was originally called Talaa al Mansoor. Needless to say, this game had quite a bit of popularity in Europe before it hitched a ride across the ocean and became part of our American party games scene.
  • Another party game idea that always makes for a great party game is the “saran wrap.” For this one, you’ll need a large piece of plastic wrap and a couple of coloured Saran wrap balls. Have your kids put all the colourful balls into the centre of the plastic wrap. Then, create a hole in the middle of the plastic wrap by wrapping a ball in the ball of varying colour. Make sure that you leave enough room for the ball to move around and that it stays within the confines of the plastic wrap.
  • One of the more popular kids party games is “trick or treating.” To play this one, have your guests sit in a circle, with someone as the “master” who is in charge of telling each kid what they should do. They will have a maximum of ten seconds to do whatever it is that they were told to do. The person who gets the farthest kids will get the reward.
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  • Another fun party game for the girls is the treasure hunt. For this one, you need to have a map of the party area. Divide the girls into two groups. One group is going to have an hour in front of the TV and they will search for objects on the map that are covered in candy. The other group is going to use their detectors and do their searching. The group with the longest list will be the winners.
  • Other great ideas for birthday party games for kids include bingo and trivia games. Bingo cards can be made by using black construction paper and white cardstock. For trivia games such as the “Guess What’s In It” game, kids will need to put together clues and make sure that they match the questions on the card. These games are especially easy to do with the “What’s In It” Birthday party games because there aren’t any other party games that require a lot of thinking or deductive reasoning.
  • A popular party game idea for children’s birthday parties are relay races. Have everyone meet at the party location and divide them into groups. Each group is given ten minutes to roam freely outside and try to find someone else’s parcel of land (thus the term “relay race”). The first person to find their parcel wins and the first person who finishes gets a prize.
  • Finally, have the kids decorate a circle with party supplies such as party hats and streamers. The next person that they find within the circle wins a prize. This is a great party game that will get everyone sitting around a circle and laughing.

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