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7 Reasons Fortnite Is So Popular

If you know any younger gamers at all, you would have heard of Fortnite: Battle Royale - it is absolutely the most popular game across the board right now, and I never stop hearing kids talk about it. Unfortunately it doesn't quite work in the Game Truck at the moment, and it may not be for players of all ages, but it has enormous appeal. Like Minecraft, it is more ...

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Introducing a new Game Trucker

Hi fellow Game Truckers! My name is Simon Mawson, and I have recently been given an amazing opportunity, but before I get too excited let me tell you a little about myself. To sum me up in a sentence I’m a gamer by heart, chef by trade, student by choice. My gaming career started in the 90s: I was five and the Super Nintendo was in everyone’s living ...

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