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A Shooter for Kids: Plant vs Zombies Garden Warfare

If younger players want to play some of the more mature military shooter-type games (think Call of Duty), it's good to offer an alternative that is a bit more appropriate for their age and stage. Common Sense Media recommends an age limit of 11, but of course his should always be adapted to circumstances. You think you know Plants vs. Zombies: the classic ...

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First console advice from Dr Uncle Chad

I'm so proud right now... *sniff* My nephew is buying his first console. I was quite flattered when he asked me for advice, but thought my response might interest other readers too. The query went like this: Hi its [Mr. 9] where is the best place to get an x box and which x box should I get and also what are some good games but that don't have guns swords are ok ...

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Managing bad behaviour in game culture

In recent news, two professional gamers were suspended and dumped from their teams after repeated incidents of toxic, bullying behaviour in the game League of Legends. Wait, hang on - let's unpack. Yes, 'professional gaming' is a thing. There are players who have become so good at some games that they play competitively, in large international tournaments. The ...

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