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Review: God of War (PS4)

We don't usually publish reviews on brand-new games, but I couldn't help myself here. God of War was released just last Saturday and unusually for me I picked it up straight away. Why the urgency, you ask? Vikings. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rClXqZD2Xrs Contrary to appearances, God of War actually isn't a new franchise: like Tomb Raider and Doom and ...

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Ask a Gamer 13: How much is enough storage?

My nephew, Mr J, is saving his pennies for a new console, and he is obviously shopping around as he just asked me: Preowned is a great idea as it can save lots of money; just check on the return policy in case anything is wrong with the console when you get it home. Playstation is my choice of console for home (but Xbox is great for the Truck) so it comes ...

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Review: Prison Architect (MacOS)

When I talk about the diversity of video games out there, Prison Architect is high on my list. It is also a good example of a game that has enormous potential for learning about the criminal justice system and systems thinking. Although I played it on Mac, it's also available on PC, iPad, Android, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. Prison Architect follows in a long ...

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Virtual Reality (Ask a Gamer 11)

Q: I’m thinking of getting a Virtual Reality headset; which one should I buy? A: Great question; VR is certainly the flavour of the month like never before, and with so many big players buying into it, it can be confusing looking at it for the first time.* There is a couple of things you want to consider before thinking through the options: your purpose, and ...

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Archer in the Wasteland: What I learned from playing Fallout 4 as Sterling Archer

Role-Playing Games are enormously interesting: a genre that goes back to pen-and paper games such as Dungeons & Dragons (lunchtime in Primary School, anyone?), they allow people to inhabit rich worlds as fully-developed characters and make decisions that substantially alter the course of events. Improvements in technology have allowed games to present richer and ...

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What I’m playing now: Fallout 4/Battlefront

At parties kids often ask me, 'are you a gamer'? Despite some problems with the label, I usually reply yes since gaming forms an important part of my identity. They usually follow up with 'what are you playing now?', so I thought I'd start a blog series updating telling about my current choice of games. I am usually monogamous with games but the end of 2015 ...

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