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First console advice from Dr Uncle Chad

I'm so proud right now... *sniff* My nephew is buying his first console. I was quite flattered when he asked me for advice, but thought my response might interest other readers too. The query went like this: Hi its [Mr. 9] where is the best place to get an x box and which x box should I get and also what are some good games but that don't have guns swords are ok ...

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Minecraft Camps in Adelaide: Game Truck Australia reports

This is Minecraft like I've never seen before. Minecraft Camps have been running for a few years around the country, but this is the first time I've had the chance to observe one in action. I was lucky enough to have a fantastic nephew to take along so I got an insider's view, and I loved what I saw. The energy in the room was incredible, and Tim handled the event ...

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