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Ask a Gamer 3: Is Halo good for a party?

The single most common question I get from parents interested in booking a Game Truck party is around the types of games that are available. My general rule is that we want games that are age-appropriate, split screen multiplayer, accessible, fun, with a moderate amount of competition. But an email I received from a parent of a 10-year old today asked, The birthday ...

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A new way of gaming: PAX Aus report

I'm not usually overly excited about new hardware releases, and after the most recent generation of consoles (the Xbox One and Playstation 4) released and I duly picked them up on the day, I wouldn't have thought anything would attract my interest for a few years. However, at PAX I saw a new product by gaming PC leaders Alienware that I thought I should check ...

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A month of Game Trucking in Adelaide

Captain's log, star date 10.8.14. Well, it's been about a month since I picked up the Game Truck van in all its glory, and it's been a lot of fun. After an initial in-house party with the Durwards, being able to deliver the same experience from within the van is really exciting, and I feel absolutely honoured every time I am invited to help celebrate a gaming ...

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Success! Adelaide’s first video game party complete

In the best news since September, I can happily report that we recently delivered the first Game Truck Australia party last Saturday. It was the 8th birthday party of Wilby Durward, son of Corey and Katherine, and it went really well. Corey was the very first person to book a party via the Indiegogo (crowdfunding) campaign, which means they got the first Game Truck ...

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