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Review: No Man’s Sky (PS4)

No Man's Sky is definitely the flavour of the week; its release just last Thursday following a loud hype train that ran for over two years. Published by the giant, Sony, it was developed by an (until-now) indie developer, Hello Games, known only for their Joe Danger games. No Man's Sky is best described as a science-fiction space exploration game, but that hardly ...

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Review: Screencheat (Xbox One)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dOuwoOosYig Hey how you doing, this is Chad, Simon, Nick, ah this is the first time we have the three Game Truckers together, and we just played Screen Cheat on the Xbox One, it's the first time - you didn't even know about it Nick, what did you think? N: I loved it, it had this visual presentation at the beginning that had this ...

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FAQ: Ages in the Game Truck

Question: What age ranges do you cater for in a Game Truck party? Answer: Well the simple answer is 6-16+, but it's more complicated than that. There is really no upper limit since adults of any age can play and have a great time in the Game Truck. I've had anything from a 16th birthday party of about 12 to a bunch of 35-year olds playing their favourite retro ...

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Ask a Gamer 5: Video Games and Ratings

As you may know, I love getting questions about games and game culture. I love it even more when those questions come from a keen High School student doing something on games for their Research Project. This week I was contacted by Adam, who is researching video games and the Australian ratings system, and I thought he had some really great questions. His specific ...

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Ask a gamer 4: What’s the ‘M’ rating mean?

This  is a very good question, as the details of the Australian Classification Board's rating system are not really all that intuitive. I've commented previously on the age-appropriateness of Halo but it's worth going into a bit more detail. The key difference here is the distinction between the standard 'M' rating (with the blue symbol) and the MA 15+ rating (look ...

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