Collection of news and interest articles about Game Truck Australia, the game industry in general and specifically, the use of games as educational tools.

PAX Aus 2017: Stemgames

Here is my absolute favourite thing about PAX: my involvement in the Australian STEM Video Game Challenge. I've posted previously about this, but since I missed PAX last year it's about time for another recap. (For more summaries, click here and here and here; for my more detailed thoughts on the research about learning through game development, click here). The Challenge is organised by the Australian Council for Educational Research ...

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PAX Aus 2017: Reports Incoming

In case you didn't catch it, I spent last weekend  in gamer's paradise: Penny Arcade Expo Australia, in Melbourne. If you're not aware, PAX is a convention and trade show that draws tens of thousands of people for a celebration of all things play-related. It's taking some time to process and gather my thoughts, so I'll be posting on specific aspects of the show in the next few weeks.   The most exciting thing about PAX is the ...

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Ask a Gamer 14?: What is ‘couch co-op’?

Q: I've read a number of your reviews and comments on particular video games, and you often use the term 'couch co-op'. Sorry if this sounds dumb, but what does that mean? A: Great question! And of course, it's not dumb at all - like any group of people, us gamers sometimes use jargon without realising that not everyone is up with the lingo. OK, so 'couch co-op' is a way of describing a particular type of multiplayer gameplay in video ...

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Review: Sonic Racing (Xbox 360)

The Game Truck is always about offering the most awesome, inclusive gaming experiences possible, meaning that we favour games that players of any age or level of experience in gaming can pick up and play and have lots of fun with friends. In this regard, Sonic Racing is perhaps the single best option for parties in the truck: yes, it's even better than Minecraft. The banner of 'Sonic Racing' ...

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Review: Trials Fusion (Xbox One)

Trials Fusion is the standout sleeper hit of the Game Truck. We originally acquired copies of it to get some sort of cycling-related game for the Tour Down Under last year but it has been way more popular and successful than we ever imagined. It's a really great opportunity to use the Game Truck to introduce players to a game they have often never heard of, especially when it works so well in the split-screen co-operative modes that are best ...

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Ask a Gamer 13: How much is enough storage?

Posted on September 25, 2017

My nephew, Mr J, is saving his pennies for a new console, and he is obviously shopping around as he just asked me: Preowned is a great idea as it can save lots of money; just check on the return policy in case anything is wrong with the console when you get it home. Playstation is my choice of console for home (but Xbox is great for the Truck) so it comes recommended by me. Well this is a great question as storage size is one of the biggest ...

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Review: Prison Architect (MacOS)

When I talk about the diversity of video games out there, Prison Architect is high on my list. It is also a good example of a game that has enormous potential for learning about the criminal justice system and systems thinking. Although I played it on Mac, it's also available on PC, iPad, Android, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. Prison Architect follows in a long line of what might be loosely called ‘god’ simulators, in that they put you in ...

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Review: Destiny 2 (PS4)

We don't usually review the latest and greatest games, but Destiny 2 is something I've jumped on straight away since its release last week, so I thought I'd fill you in on my thoughts. As the name suggests, it's a sequel of a game (Destiny) that came out about three years ago, and that history is part of what makes Destiny 2 interesting and worth talking about. We've talked previously about Halo at Game Truck parties, and this is relevant ...

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An eSports Case Study: Counterstrike: Global Offensive

Some people are surprised that eSports is a thing, but we’ve written before about big competitive gaming events in Australia and elsewhere. Recently it was reported that eSports are in consideration for inclusion in the Olympics as a medal sport for 2024 in Paris. While this may sound surprising to some people, the traction eSports has with younger demographics makes it quite likely. I’d like to use this article as a way of introducing ...

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Review: Doom 2016 (PS4)

Posted on August 21, 2017

I loved this game so much. It’s not only my Game of the Year for 2016, it may well be my favourite game ever. There I said it.   I loved the original Doom back in the 90s: it was one of the very first shooters that combined a visceral first-person experience with loose narrative, a hardcore protagonist, lots of action and dynamic music. The developers of the reboot have not tried to exactly recreate it but rather distil the spirit ...

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