Collection of news and interest articles about Game Truck Australia, the game industry in general and specifically, the use of games as educational tools.

Review: Overwatch (PS4)

Posted on June 30, 2017

Overwatch is now around a year old, which is enough time for it to get good traction in the gaming community, with around 25 million players across PS4, Xbox One and PC. (I play on PS4.) It commands an enormous amount of loyalty; has a strong community and cosplay base, and is building an excellent eSports scene as well. This is largely because it is a real team-based game which is the most fun to play with friends. This cinematic ...

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Gaming Livestreams: What’s hot now?

Posted on April 26, 2017

Hi Game Truckers! Perhaps you've heard of 'livestreaming' and/or Twitch TV – in this blog post I will explain what these things are, and spotlight a couple of examples of what's attracting a lot of attention. Streaming media is not a new concept. Facebook live, video on demand, television, even radio – all forms of streaming media. One of the newer concepts (especially when compared with radio!) is the live streaming of video games, ...

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Wanna make games? Jam it!

Global Game Jam is on again in Adelaide for 2017, and Game Truck Australia is super proud to sponsor the event once again. It's held across the whole weekend of the 20th-22nd January at the Academy for Interactive Entetrainment's Adelaide campus. This is such a great event for the local game development community, so we are sponsoring the event as a whole and also the Game Design prize. What is even a Game Jam, you might ask. Well it's a ...

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BV Minecraft Camps Ahoy!

Posted on September 27, 2016

[Click here to go straight to information on upcoming Buddyverse Minecraft Camps in Adelaide.] Minecraft has been a staple of Game Truck Australia ever since the beginning: almost every party at least starts with Minecraft on the Xbox One, and parents know that it is perhaps the only common language for kids aged 6-15. Its cultural reach is hard to overstate, so I have been looking for ways to use it to help create more incredible experiences ...

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Review: No Man’s Sky (PS4)

Posted on August 14, 2016

No Man's Sky is definitely the flavour of the week; its release just last Thursday following a loud hype train that ran for over two years. Published by the giant, Sony, it was developed by an (until-now) indie developer, Hello Games, known only for their Joe Danger games. No Man's Sky is best described as a science-fiction space exploration game, but that hardly does justice to the experience it offers. In many ways it is very minimalist; ...

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Off The Couch Gaming

Since 1989, Nintendo has been releasing hand held gaming devices designed to let people game wherever they want. This “off the couch” approach is nothing new: remember arcade rooms? Back in the day arcade rooms were one of the most popular sources of entertainment for many young people. This was a social activity, where you and your friends could spend time (and money) playing some of the best games on the market: from table top Pac-man to ...

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Archer in the Wasteland: What I learned from playing Fallout 4 as Sterling Archer

Role-Playing Games are enormously interesting: a genre that goes back to pen-and paper games such as Dungeons & Dragons (lunchtime in Primary School, anyone?), they allow people to inhabit rich worlds as fully-developed characters and make decisions that substantially alter the course of events. Improvements in technology have allowed games to present richer and richer fictional worlds and more complex narrative arcs, with all the action and ...

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Review: Screencheat (Xbox One) Hey how you doing, this is Chad, Simon, Nick, ah this is the first time we have the three Game Truckers together, and we just played Screen Cheat on the Xbox One, it's the first time - you didn't even know about it Nick, what did you think? N: I loved it, it had this visual presentation at the beginning that had this really cool bright colour design going on,  and I thought that looked cool, but ...

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Recreating ‘The Cave': Reliving Childhood

Imagine the excitement of recreating a formative experience from your own childhood for kids from the next generation; that's what I had last night. When I was around 6 or 7, our family would regularly go to the Parafield Gardens Community Club for a meal: we had friends there, but it wasn't all that exciting for us kids (bar the prawn cocktails). That was until they converted an old storage space out the side of the bar to the first video ...

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What I’m playing now: Fallout 4/Battlefront

At parties kids often ask me, 'are you a gamer'? Despite some problems with the label, I usually reply yes since gaming forms an important part of my identity. They usually follow up with 'what are you playing now?', so I thought I'd start a blog series updating telling about my current choice of games. I am usually monogamous with games but the end of 2015 offered two options so compelling and complementary that I just had to play them ...

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