Mark Davis Basketball Camp: Slam dunk!

Posted on January 10, 2016

On Thursday we had another fantastic event – for the first time, we were able to team up with Mark Davis Basketball Camps to help coaches and players relax and unwind after nearly a full week of hard training. This was both an honour and a privilege and the event went very smoothly, with lots of kids playing in the Game Truck and many enjoying something new too.


Mark Davis is an absolute legend in Adelaide basketball: one of the only players to have his number retired, he now runs annual basketballs camps for kids wanting to improve their skills during school holidays. Anyone who has me Mark knows that he is one of the warmest and most generous people around, and when he said he wanted to engage the services of Game Truck Australia for their regular Thursday night of R & R, I was very excited. The concept was to have the Game Truck available as one of four ‘stations’ for fun that kids would rotate around.

Basketball camp? There is only one gaming option possible!

Basketball camp? There is only one gaming option possible!

Naturally, we selected NBA 2K15 as the game to play in the truck; we still had copies left over from when 2K hired us to be at Oz Comic-Con Adelaide, so that was easy. The challenge came when Mark mentioned that the camps often attracts 200-300 kids, and they would have groups of up to 40-50 coming through our station: as you may know, we can have a maximum of 16 players at once in the truck. Like the Game Truckers we are, we rose to the occasion and implemented a new concept I have been thinking about for a while.

The concept is Johann Sebastian Joust. With a fairly small outlay on equipment it is possible to play a physical-based video game outside the truck, to occupy 20-25 people waiting for their turn inside. Each game lasts just two or three minutes and engages seven players at once; it’s also a decent spectator sport so those waiting for their turn have a fair bit of entertainment while they wait. It’s basically a simple version of chasey or tag using special motion-sensor controllers. The game used Playstation Move controllers which were generously loaned to us by Flinders University: thanks to Katie and the Bachelor of Creative Arts (Digital Media) team for making this possible.

All up, the JS Joust part of the event was a massive success. Kids were tentative at first, but very quickly got into the easy fun of it. The energy of the gameplay was very high, and once we got some structure around taking turns, the quick turnover worked very well. This is definitely an option we can have at large public events to help add value to Game Truck Australia’s presence. Keep an eye out for it at future events, and feel free to give us feedback on it too.

See you in the truck!

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