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Posted on January 5, 2015

Although I’ve written plenty of video game reviews in my time, I’ve avoided doing it for Game Truck Australia for a number of reasons. Firstly, there are innumerable outlets already producing a vide variety of (often very good) reviews, and there is no point doing just more of the same. I also couldn’t see how such reviews would fit in with the goals of Game Truck Australia, which include developing an awareness of video game culture amongst¬†those (especially parents) who might not initially have access to the subculture. Reviews just didn’t seem to fit my business.

However, I’ve come to think that being able to focus on specific games might be really useful for this blog. For example, some people might really wan a better idea of Minecraft, what is is, how it can be played, and who it is appropriate for. Others might not have heard of some of the wonderful and amazing games that are out there, and might appreciate an insight they don;t get elsewhere. Perhaps a review of specific games in this kind of context might be helpful for some readers.

Therefore, I’d like to suggest a model for game reviews on this site. Such reviews will:

  • Be free of jargon and assume no knowledge of video game culture
  • Introduce relevant aspects of genre and gameplay that may not be familiar to readers
  • Focus on general issues of age-appropriateness in terms of the game
  • Evaluate the multiplayer dimensions of gameplay, especially local (couch) cooperative play
  • Focus on smaller, locally-developed or independent games as representative of Australia game developers

They will not:

  • Assume prior knowledge of video game history and culture
  • Solely focus on current releases or big publisher favourites
  • Take an overly critical or laudatory view based on trends or subjective perspectives
Video Games for Grandma: Knitting Simulator coming soon. Source:

Video Games for Grandma: Knitting Simulator coming soon. Source:

In short, these reviews will aim to give an insight into video games for those who don’t usually read video game reviews. They will demystify some of what gamers are talking about and introduce some particularly interesting games that are worth knowing about. Video games for Grandma, if you will.

What do you think – does this sound like a good idea? Are there any games in particular that you want to know more about? Post in the comments below!

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