Incoming: PAX Aus 2015

Posted on October 27, 2015

So, this year I wasn’t going to do it. You have a business now, I said, you have responsibilities, I said, you need to stay in Adelaide and deliver awesome gaming parties in your Game Truck. I had done the unthinkable, and decided not to go to PAX, and instead get sad at seeing all my friends have an awesome time.

Penny Arcade Expo Australia is perhaps our biggest gaming convention; at least it’s definitely the biggest community-run gaming event. If you weren’t reading last year you can flick back to a brief description of the event: basically, it is a place for gamers to congregate and experience gaming culture in all its diversity, from a trade show floor full of big shiny games to innovative methods of Indigenous cultural preservation to the newest in technology. I’ve been to a number of trade shows and PAX Aus is my favourite for positive vibe and diverse activities.

Gaming and learning: these are a few of my favourite things

Gaming and learning: these are a few of my favourite things

Despite this I had decided not to go, until I got an offer I couldn’t refuse. Regular readers will remember that PAX is where I first heard about the Australian STEM Video Game Challenge, and that this year I have gone further by sponsoring the Challenge and being on the judging panel. Well through my work with the great guys at the Australian Council for Educational Research I have been invited to sit on a panel to discuss the challenge and even to be the MC at the Awards Ceremony. This was a huge honour and something I just couldn’t turn down, so I’m off again to Melbourne this weekend.

MC? Me?

MC? Me?

Plus: gaming, an awesome indie showcase, networking, hanging with industry friends who I only get to see at event like this (even if they live just minutes from my house): what’s not to love? Even Simon will be there, so the Game Truck will have a rest this weekend, but we’ll be inspired to bring even more epic gaming action to you when we return!

Is there anything you would like us to cover especially at PAX Aus 2015? Tell us in the comments!

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