How do I get out of a hole in Minecraft?! (Ask a Gamer 9)

Posted on December 13, 2015

Getting stuck in a hole is the single most common problem for beginning Minecraft players in the Truck, and it can cause a lot of grief especially if you don’t know how to help them out! I was asked this on a private message last night (thanks to Michael for the question):

Ask a Game #9: the single most asked question in the Game Truck

Ask a Game #9: the single most asked question in the Game Truck

So there are a few basic principles which should help you out, literally and figuratively! The basic controls will be for Xbox (since that is what we have in the Truck), but I’ll also provide the Playstation (PS) variant.

#1: How to fly

If you are playing in Creative Mode (which you should be if you’re new; Survival requires much more experience to play) you can fly by default. All you do to toggle into fly mode is double-tap the A button (X on PS) and when you see your little figure in the top-left corner of the screen you are able to fly. Now it’s important not to just mash the button (which kids will do if they’re frustrated) as that just toggles back and forth: it needs two sharp, quick taps in succession (which is a key gaming skill anyway). Hold A (X) to ascend rapidly and double-tap again to switch off fly mode or drop back to the ground. You can also use up and down on the d-pad (the four direction buttons to the left of the joysticks) to move up and down more gradually.

#1 rule of Minecraft: don't dig straight down. If you do though...

#1 rule of Minecraft: don’t dig straight down. If you do though…

#2: Digging up

#1 might not work if you find yourself under an overhanging rock which you might not be able to see if it is dark. So even if it is pitch black do this: look straight up 100% by pushing the right joystick up as far as it will go. This means you to should be looking directly up. Now hold the Right Trigger button (R2 on PS) which will dig away any earth or rock that is directly above you. Keep holding RT (R2) as you hold A (X) in fly mode and you will both dig and ascend. Shortly you should see some movement in the blocks around you and you should eventually emerge into the light.

#3: Adjusting position

If #2 still doesn’t work, it may be that you are slightly out of position to dig away at the earth or rock above you. Push the left joystick (move) ever so slightly in any direction until it looks like something is happening and when you see stuff moving past youleave it be, and you should emerge triumphant.

#4: Building a staircase upwards  

If you find yourself in a hole with no ability to fly (i.e. in Survival Mode) it is much more complicated, as you have to build a staircase by digging up. Look at the block right in front of you but one level up: dig it away and then jump up there. Turn 90 degrees left or right and dig out the block in front but one above you, and jump up to that. Repeat until free. There are some much more complex methods available to you as well, and you might find it better to just restart the game in Creative mode so you can escape more easily as above.

I hope that helps! Please let us know in the comments or via Facebook or email if you have any further questions about playing in Minecraft or anything else gaming-related!

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