FAQ: Ages in the Game Truck

Posted on October 22, 2015

Question: What age ranges do you cater for in a Game Truck party?

Answer: Well the simple answer is 6-16+, but it’s more complicated than that. There is really no upper limit since adults of any age can play and have a great time in the Game Truck. I’ve had anything from a 16th birthday party of about 12 to a bunch of 35-year olds playing their favourite retro classics so that’s all fine.

Some seasoned gamers in the Truck

Some seasoned gamers in the Truck

While I would love to say we can have players as young as possible, that’s not really true, so my general lower age limit is around 6. This is because in my experience kids 5 years and below generally don’t have the familiarity with console gaming and the fine motor skills to use the controllers. It’s particularly challenging if there is a large number of guests as well that are not familiar with gaming, and while we pride ourselves on helping kids learn new games and facilitating an awesome experience, we can only do so much.

Having said that, I have seen four-year-olds that play with much more expertise than some ten-year-olds. So if you are considering a Game Truck Australia party for younger players, consider whether they have played much on a console before and whether they are familiar enough with Minecraft or simple racing games to be able to pretty easily pick up a controller and have a go. Are their friends all reasonably familiar with games? If not you might consider having a smaller-scale party where we can focus more on helping them to learn how to play. Alternatively they might be better off practising on their Xbox at home and saving the Game Truck party for next year – we’re not going anywhere!

There is such a thing as 'too young for the Game Truck'...

There is such a thing as ‘too young for the Game Truck’…

One thing that is quite difficult is much younger kids in the Game Truck: say toddlers, 2-year olds, etc. Often they do like to sit with the bigger kids and they can be momentarily distracted by the games but they get bored very quickly and if there isn’t an adult or a responsible child to look after them it becomes difficult for the Game Coach to manage them as well as help everyone else with their gaming. With much younger kids like this, effective supervision from a family member is essential, making sure that responsible supervisor doesn’t also want to play games!

Of course I hate to do myself out of business but we pride ourselves on giving a completely awesome and memorable experience and it’s only fair to let our prospective customers make sure they have the right match for their party experience. As always, if you have any questions about the suitability of Game Truck Australia for your party idea, please just call me, Chad, on 0433 318 001.

See you in the truck!

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