Epic event weekend!

Posted on September 1, 2014

A new business is great: so many firsts! Last weekend I ran the ‘official’ launch of Game Truck Australia on Thursday, followed up by my first Fork on the Road event. Both events were a great opportunity to get the Game Truck out in front of people, and I was so excited to see some people have some amazing gaming experiences.

The Thursday night event was held at the Regal Park Motor Inn – thanks to Greg and his staff for looking after everyone so well. This was a fairly small event – 40 or 50 people attended – and they were mostly from my personal and business networks. Games were being played the whole time though, which is the important thing, and it was a great opportunity for friends and colleagues who had not yet had the chance to see or play in the truck to get involved.


All types of gamers in the truck

The most exciting thing was the diversity of players: we had lots of boys, girls, kids, adults, men and women who played. There were even several who had never played a video game before, and they had a fantastic time. This is precisely the kind of life-changing experience I want to create with Game Truck Australia.

Then last Saturday I had my first major event: Fork on the Road at the newly-renovated Victoria Square. Fork is now into its third season and has become an Adelaide institution, as it brings together a community of food trucks and the public to taste food that are unique, innovative, and totally memorable. I was pumped to have Game Truck Australia at the event and have the opportunity to show what it has to offer.


The Game Truck in the beautiful environs of Victoria Square

The Game Truck in the beautiful environs of Victoria Square

For most of the day the truck was filled with gamers having a great time, and the logo seemed like a beacon for people to come and try it out. Lots of people commented that it was great to have something other than food trucks on offer, and some kids ended up playing for an hour or more! At the same time, we had a diverse range of players in the truck, many of whom certainly aren’t regular gamers.

This is just the beginning: I’m looking at ways of getting Game Truck Australia more regularly into public events, both large ones in the city but also smaller events such as school and community fairs and shows. If you have an event coming up that you would like to see the Game Truck at, please email me at chad@gametruckaustralia.com.au. See you in the truck!

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