Q: How many children can attend a Game Truck Australia party?

A: The van is 21 foot by 8 foot with a 6-metre bench seat along one wall and 4 widescreen TVs and Xboxes, so it should seat up to sixteen average-sized children with some sitting cross-legged on the floor. Of course, if you have fewer guests (multiple of four are best) they get more screen space and space in the van; you may also choose to have a larger number (i.e. over 16), which will require having gaming sessions in shifts. We try to cater for whatever numbers you bring to the party. N.B. For parties over 16, additional Loot Bags carry a surcharge ($10 each).

Q: What is a Loot Bag?

A: Loot bags are souvenirs of the Game Truck Australia party experience made available to all guests, an they contain a silicon wristband, sticker, temporary tattoo, small candy bag, fridge magnet and business card.

Q: Will the children be supervised?

A: Yes, children at a Game Truck Australia party are constantly supervised by a Game Coach, who works to make sure everyone has a great time and those who have less experience gaming are given some instruction. Every Game Coach has a current National Police Check (or equivalent), Mandatory Notification training and Basic First Aid training.

Q: What games are played? Are they age-appropriate?

A: Absolutely: all games are age-appropriate as we take gaming classifications very seriously. The invitation and RVSP process allows us to monitor the ages of guests and all classification guidelines will be adhered to.

Q: How do I do invitations?

A: When you book your party we will send you a deposit invoice with a customisable invitation template that makes that side of things really easy for you.

Q: What if I live outside the Adelaide Metropolitan area?

A: The standard pricing applies for within the metro area, so a surcharge applies for events outside this. Give us a call to discuss options.