Ask a Gamer 5: Video Games and Ratings

Posted on March 12, 2015

As you may know, I love getting questions about games and game culture. I love it even more when those questions come from a keen High School student doing something on games for their Research Project. This week I was contacted by Adam, who is researching video games and the Australian ratings system, and I thought he had some really great questions. His specific questions were:

Would video games be affected if ratings were removed/added from them?

Who decided which rating should be assigned/the criteria necessary by which ratings are assigned?

Do setting ratings of video games affect the sale outcome?

How effective is the rating system? Do Parents trust and use it?

Rather than write a massive email explaining my thoughts, I just made a video:

It’s a bit of a low-tech ‘talking head’ piece, but hopefully it provides a useful perspective for Adam’s research project, and it may interest some other readers too.

If you have a similar questions to ‘Ask a gamer’, or if you know a student working on a Research Project around video games, get in touch with me:

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