3, 2, 1 Launch!

Posted on April 17, 2014

Today is a huge launch day for Game Truck Australia: the Indiegogo campaign is live (see right), which means that supporters can now provide material support to this thing that has been my labour of love for about six months.

If you’re not familiar with crowd funding or Indiegogo, it’s a relatively new way to create something, and is often used for new small businesses or independent creative products like games, short films, or music. In short, supporters ‘donate’ to the project and are then rewarded with ‘perks’ as a thank you for their support. This enables the new venture to get some finance but more importantly build a community around its development, and supporters are then along for the ride as the project posts updates about how things are going. It gives me an outlet for sharing the experience of building Adelaide’s first mobile video game arcade, which people seem to want to hear about. Plus I’m hoping I can build a truck better than the below.


Here’s a prototype: yeah we can do better than this


Check out the campaign for more details on what is on offer. If you think that I’m onto something good here it would be wonderful if you could support by donating, but even more importantly, if you can share the campaign details with friends, family and colleagues that will really help to build the community I am looking for. Indiegogo’s share tools are a great way to boost the signal – people can also sign up for email updates or join the Facebook page via the Game Truck Australia website (i.e. here!).

A quick thanks to all the people who have supported me to get this far – you know who you are. Game Truck Australia, roll out!

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