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PAX Aus 2017: Five Indie highlights

As in previous years, my top gaming highlight of PAX was the independent developer showcase. While a lot of attention is paid towards the big shiny games at PAX and elsewhere (i.e. I spend a lot of time talking about Doom and Overwatch), there is a lot to recommend Indie games. They are hands down more interesting, creative, unique and surprising than almost anything ...

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Gaming & Politics 2: Gambling

How close are some video games to gambling? Is gaming just one 'b' away from being immoral and exploitative? Do we need more regulation over the control that big companies wield on individuals through video game mechanics? This is something we've looked at before, when the South Australian government ran a campaign with the headline 'Gambling begins with games'. ...

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PAX Aus 2017: Stemgames

Here is my absolute favourite thing about PAX: my involvement in the Australian STEM Video Game Challenge. I've posted previously about this, but since I missed PAX last year it's about time for another recap. (For more summaries, click here and here and here; for my more detailed thoughts on the research about learning through game development, click here). ...

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PAX Aus 2017: Reports Incoming

In case you didn't catch it, I spent last weekend  in gamer's paradise: Penny Arcade Expo Australia, in Melbourne. If you're not aware, PAX is a convention and trade show that draws tens of thousands of people for a celebration of all things play-related. It's taking some time to process and gather my thoughts, so I'll be posting on specific aspects of the show in ...

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