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Ask a Gamer 14?: What is ‘couch co-op’?

Q: I've read a number of your reviews and comments on particular video games, and you often use the term 'couch co-op'. Sorry if this sounds dumb, but what does that mean? A: Great question! And of course, it's not dumb at all - like any group of people, us gamers sometimes use jargon without realising that not everyone is up with the lingo. OK, so 'couch co-op' ...

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Review: Sonic Racing (Xbox 360)

The Game Truck is always about offering the most awesome, inclusive gaming experiences possible, meaning that we favour games that players of any age or level of experience in gaming can pick up and play and have lots of fun with friends. In this regard, Sonic Racing is perhaps the single best option for parties in the truck: yes, it's even better than Minecraft. ...

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Gaming & Politics 1: Nazis

Video games and politics often intersect, giving rise to debates and controversy. This new column explores some of these issues as they arise. For our first entry in this series I've selected one of my favourite ever franchises, Wolfenstein. Quick history: Wolfenstein 3D was one of the very first (1992) 3D first person ...

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Review: Trials Fusion (Xbox One)

Trials Fusion is the standout sleeper hit of the Game Truck. We originally acquired copies of it to get some sort of cycling-related game for the Tour Down Under last year but it has been way more popular and successful than we ever imagined. It's a really great opportunity to use the Game Truck to introduce players to a game they have often never heard of, especi...

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