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An eSports Case Study: Counterstrike: Global Offensive

Some people are surprised that eSports is a thing, but we’ve written before about big competitive gaming events in Australia and elsewhere. Recently it was reported that eSports are in consideration for inclusion in the Olympics as a medal sport for 2024 in Paris. While this may sound surprising to some people, the traction eSports has with younger demographics ...

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Review: Doom 2016 (PS4)

I loved this game so much. It’s not only my Game of the Year for 2016, it may well be my favourite game ever. There I said it.   I loved the original Doom back in the 90s: it was one of the very first shooters that combined a visceral first-person experience with loose narrative, a hardcore protagonist, lots of action and dynamic music. The developers ...

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3 years of awesome video game parties for kids in Adelaide

Well that went quickly! It seems like only yesterday I was contacting friends and family and telling them I was planning to start a business as Adelaide's first mobile video game arcade, and then getting finance and designing the truck and buying the ute... all of a sudden it's three years later and we are still rolling, and still delivering the 'best party ever!' to ...

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How to talk Overwatch in 6 easy steps

Do you have a child, friend or Significant Other  who has discovered Overwatch and now just keeps playing it, and talking about it and watching videos on it? Do you have no idea what Overwatch is, apart from our recent review? Well, here are a few questions you can ask that will make you seem interested and give them something to say for 10 hours or so. You don't ...

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