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Recreating ‘The Cave': Reliving Childhood

Imagine the excitement of recreating a formative experience from your own childhood for kids from the next generation; that's what I had last night. When I was around 6 or 7, our family would regularly go to the Parafield Gardens Community Club for a meal: we had friends there, but it wasn't all that exciting for us kids (bar the prawn cocktails). That was until ...

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What I’m playing now: Fallout 4/Battlefront

At parties kids often ask me, 'are you a gamer'? Despite some problems with the label, I usually reply yes since gaming forms an important part of my identity. They usually follow up with 'what are you playing now?', so I thought I'd start a blog series updating telling about my current choice of games. I am usually monogamous with games but the end of 2015 ...

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Mark Davis Basketball Camp: Slam dunk!

On Thursday we had another fantastic event - for the first time, we were able to team up with Mark Davis Basketball Camps to help coaches and players relax and unwind after nearly a full week of hard training. This was both an honour and a privilege and the event went very smoothly, with lots of kids playing in the Game Truck and many enjoying something new too. ...

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What the best way to sell games? (Ask a gamer 10)

Q: What is the best way to sell secondhand games? Should I take them in to trade at EB Games or list them myself? Ah, a common problem: too many unplayed games and so many new games always coming out! This is never a problem for me as I collect all the games I buy (nerd!), but for many people they are much more disposable which is completely fine.   ...

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