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2015: It’s a wrap!

This has been the first full year of operation for Game Truck Australia, and since friends and family always ask after the business I thought I'd give a bit of a summary and some shout outs to those who have helped make it a success this year. Some of you have seen our TV commercial running on Ten, and huge thanks to Luke from Cool Hand Media for putting it togethe...

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Review: Halo 5: Guardians (Xbox One)

Hello all it’s Simon again, and today I am delighted to talk about Halo 5, the latest instalment in one of my favourite game franchises. I'll touch especially on issues that relate to families with children. In my last blog post for Game Truck Australia I mentioned that Halo 2 was a massive game changer in the video game entertainment industry for many reasons: ...

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How do I get out of a hole in Minecraft?! (Ask a Gamer 9)

Getting stuck in a hole is the single most common problem for beginning Minecraft players in the Truck, and it can cause a lot of grief especially if you don't know how to help them out! I was asked this on a private message last night (thanks to Michael for the question): So there are a few basic principles which should help you out, literally and figurativ...

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