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The truth about gaming: Digital Australia 16

Australia's best biennial research about video games has just been released: Digital Australia 2016, commissioned by the Interactive Games and Entertainment Association and conducted by Bond University. The predominant theme of this report is 'Video games mature for education, health and ageing', and the brief summary from the foreword best summarises the report's ...

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Ask a Gamer 8: Playstation vs. Xbox

From a recent customer and business colleague: Quick question. My son is saving money for either a Playstation or XBox, which is better? Here is the eternal dilemma, the battleground of the Console Wars. Some people (fanboys/fangirls) simply prefer one over the other, either because they have always had one, or their friends have a preference, or through some kind ...

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Vale Iwata: A gamer at heart

If you haven't heard, the gaming world today lost one of its most influential figures: Satoru Iwata, the President of Nintendo, passed away. Iwata was central to the success of Nintendo as a modern gaming giant, but he wasn't just a distanced CEO: he got down to coding when he needed to (in fact he started as a programmer), and cut his own salary when the business ...

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New Event! Liverpool FC

In the most exciting news since the Tour Down Under, Game Truck Australia will be involved in the Liverpool FC vs Adelaide United event! Amongst all the Paint the Town Red activities, we will be a part of the 'Football Fan Zone' at Elder park on Saturday the 18th and Sunday the 19th of July. We'll be joining all of Adelaide's great food trucks from Fork on the ...

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