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Economic development via video games: Inquiry

Games are in the news again - this time in a more positive light than we have seen previously. Greens Senator Scott Ludlam has launched an inquiry into the future of the Australian video games development industry, especially the industry's potential contribution to the economic development of Australia. According to Senator Ludlam, “Five years ago, Australia ...

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Australian STEM Video Game Challenge: Q & A

I've posted recently about the fantastic opportunity for kids to learn to make games and win prizes, so I'm very excited to be asked a few deeper questions but the Interactive Games & Entertainment Association about the Challenge and why I think it is so important for learning. To make it easier I gave the answers in a quick video.

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Happy Birthday to Game Truck Australia!

Well this is perhaps the most exciting post I've written in about 12 months. On June 14th, 2014 I ran the very first Game Truck Australia party (sure I didn't yet have the truck, but that came soon after!). That means that coming up this Sunday is the first birthday of the business! A first business birthday is special because, like that of a human, it means ...

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Ask a Gamer 7: An RPG Primer

A friend and business colleague asked me recently: How does The Witcher III compare to Skyrim? He had obviously seen my recent Facebook updates on what I am currently playing. Before I go into the comparison, it might be useful to explain that both games are very well-known example of digital Role-Playing Games, or RPGs.These are basally video game versions of the ...

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