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Invitations for your party!

We try to make Game Truck events as easy as possible to organise and run, and part of this is simplifying the process of inviting your guests. I get lots of questions about how this works so I thought I'd explain it all in detail here. The most popular option is to use our customisable template, as below: The process to use this template is relatively ...

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Ask a Gamer 6: Games in Schools

From a former student and now-teacher friend of mine: I have been wondering about gaming and education, particularly because I suspect that gaming is the only technology that is actually 'revolutionary' in term of education; all the other multitudinous ways that technology is great in schools has allowed for changes in degrees rather than kind - so, blogs are a ...

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Ready…. FIGHT!: Battle Arena Melbourne

Here's something cool: this weekend (22-24 may, 2015), an awesome eSports competition is taking place right here in Australia. It's a bit far to take the Game Truck, but if you're already in Melbourne it's worth checking out. Battle Arena Melbourne, run by Couch Warriors, is a good sign for ...

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Oz Comic-Con: Wrap

A couple of weeks ago I had the biggest opportunity yet: I was invited to represent 2K Games at Oz Comic-Con in Adelaide, on the 18th and 19th of April. Oz Comic-Con is one of the ultimate pop culture events on the Adelaide calendar, and it was a genuine honour to be able to bring the Game Truck Australia experience to so many people at the event. The reason ...

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Kids make games, win prizes!

Do you know a kid who loves video games and is handy with a computer? Have you ever considered that they could not only make their own video games, but also win prizes doing so? Well there is a huge opportunity on the horizon for them. Recently the Australian Council for Educational Research announced that registrations have opened for the Australian STEM ...

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