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Teachers dob in parents for kids’ mature gaming?

A few weeks ago a group of schools in the UK advised parents that if they continued to allow their children to play games designed for adults, they would report them to police and social services for neglect. According to the Guardian, the Nantwich Education Partnership want to take action against parents who allow their children to play games such as Call of ...

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Oz Comic-Con Weekend: Huge!

It's so exciting to announce the involvement of Game Truck Australia with Oz Comic-Con Adelaide this weekend - it is going to be huge! Not since the Tour Down Under have I had the chance to share the truck with so many people, and this event is just perfect for it. Oz Comic-Con is the premier destination for popular culture fans in Australia. It features ...

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Women in Games: A Good Game Report

This week's episode of Good Game featured a excellent story on women in games; specifically, women in the games industry, the problems, and some of the solutions. I can't recommend it highly enough, so if you haven't seen it yet, just watch it: I can't resist making one comment though to add to the discussion. At ...

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