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Review: Framed (iOS)

Some games are just mindblowing, and should be shared far and wide. Framed is one such game: it deeply disrupts your sense of what is possible in a video game, it turns inside out your expectation of both puzzles and narratives, and what's more it does it on the iPad, a platform not well known for amazing games. Put ...

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Ask a Gamer 5: Video Games and Ratings

As you may know, I love getting questions about games and game culture. I love it even more when those questions come from a keen High School student doing something on games for their Research Project. This week I was contacted by Adam, who is researching video games and the Australian ratings system, and I thought he had some really great questions. His specific ...

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Ask a gamer 4: What’s the ‘M’ rating mean?

This  is a very good question, as the details of the Australian Classification Board's rating system are not really all that intuitive. I've commented previously on the age-appropriateness of Halo but it's worth going into a bit more detail. The key difference here is the distinction between the standard 'M' rating (with the blue symbol) and the MA 15+ rating (look ...

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Game Over: Not!

In a tough blow for a great local business, Game Room Essentials has been forced to close by the Port Adelaide Enfield Council, effective immediately. In short, a Council inspection found fire hazards and other unnamed safety concerns; the proprietor, Danny Daly, offered to work with the Council to improve the venue but his pleas went unheard. The full story is has ...

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Minecraft and Teamwork

Gaming isn't all beer and skittles, sometimes. As many parents know, Minecraft in particular can be the source of just as much grief as joy. I've written before about griefing and its dangers, but recently I experienced a different challenge in facilitating fun friendly gaming with Minecraft.In short, playing Minecraft with others, especially on split screen, ...

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