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Ask a Gamer 2: What is ‘griefing’?

The number one rule at Game Truck Australia parties is 'No Griefing', and while the kids reluctantly nod, parents often ask, 'what's griefing'? Great question, and one I'm happy to answer. The Minecraft Wiki defines griefing as: Griefing is the act of irritating and angering people in video games through the use of destruction, construction, or social engineerin...

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Big shiny games: PAX Aus report

The Expo floor of games shows tends to push the big shiny new releases that publishers are keen to get into the public eye, and this year two titles in particular caught my attention. Evolve generated a great amount of interest through its innovative approach to multiplayer, while Battlecry stood out for its distinctive art design and frantic battlefield combat. Both ...

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Cultural preservation through gaming: PAX Aus report

Video games can do amazing things, so I get very excited when I hear of a new angle. Never Alone, published by Australian independent publisher Surprise Attack, is a collaborative effort designed to help preserve and promote Indigenous culture in Alaska by combining cultural storytelling with customised gameplay. At PAX I had the honour of speaking to game designer ...

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A new way of gaming: PAX Aus report

I'm not usually overly excited about new hardware releases, and after the most recent generation of consoles (the Xbox One and Playstation 4) released and I duly picked them up on the day, I wouldn't have thought anything would attract my interest for a few years. However, at PAX I saw a new product by gaming PC leaders Alienware that I thought I should check ...

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Learning Through Game Development: PAX Aus Report

With my interest in game-based learning I ran to such panels at PAX this year, and one of the most exciting was the Australian STEM Video Game Challenge panel. Featuring a panel of experts in both game development and education, the panel was combined with an award ceremony for school students getting in some early experience in game development. The first ...

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What is PAX, anyway?: PAX Aus report

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you will have seen me raving this weekend about this thing called PAX Australia. I realised that it's quite possible that some of my readers don't have the faintest clue what PAX is, or why it is interesting, so before I tilt at windmills with breathless reports I thought I'd outline what the event is, before you have to ...

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