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What Nana Taught Me About Gaming

While Chess was for Grandad, Nana's game was Checkers. These two games are worlds apart. Sure, Checkers is still highly strategic (or rather, tactical), it has a winner and a loser, and its pretty low-tech. But it is much simpler (not to say easier), shorter, easier to learn, and probably more amenable to a young child's fragile sense of self. Kathleen Ann Crout was ...

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Epic event weekend!

A new business is great: so many firsts! Last weekend I ran the 'official' launch of Game Truck Australia on Thursday, followed up by my first Fork on the Road event. Both events were a great opportunity to get the Game Truck out in front of people, and I was so excited to see some people have some amazing gaming experiences. The Thursday night event was held at ...

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