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What Grandad Taught Me About Gaming

My grandfather, Harry Crout, was the ultimate old-school gamer, although he never touched a video game in his life. When we visited our Nana and Grandad's place, our main option for social interaction with Grandad was through games: in the shed he had a small pool table and dart board. He taught me to play both games and gave me skills that have served me well in ...

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First console advice from Dr Uncle Chad

I'm so proud right now... *sniff* My nephew is buying his first console. I was quite flattered when he asked me for advice, but thought my response might interest other readers too. The query went like this: Hi its [Mr. 9] where is the best place to get an x box and which x box should I get and also what are some good games but that don't have guns swords are ok ...

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Minecraft: What’s it all about?

Parents I meet have almost always heard of Minecraft, but often don't really know what it is or why it has such appeal. For gamers aged, say 6-17, it is perhaps the most significant game ever made (big call I know), for the rapt attention it commands. But why? What's all the fuss about? To look at, Minecraft seems initially like a game that is too simple to be ...

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