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3, 2, 1 Launch!

Today is a huge launch day for Game Truck Australia: the Indiegogo campaign is live (see right), which means that supporters can now provide material support to this thing that has been my labour of love for about six months. If you're not familiar with crowd funding or Indiegogo, it's a relatively new way to create something, and is often used for new small ...

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Gaming and learning at school: No clear answers

Among the many concerns that parents and others may have about children's gaming activities is the effect that it may have on their academic achievement. Are games taking time away from school and homework? Are they reducing children's ability to concentrate, think, or interact socially? Or are the claims for the learning benefits of games actually true? As ...

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Adelaide’s first mobile video game arcade

People who know me might be aware that I’ve been working on something very exciting for a few months, but now Game Truck Australia is really coming to life. I’ve had a varied career in University administration and academia, and I’m now embarking on a business venture. It is literally a dream come true: about six months ago I was quite sick with shingles in a ...

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